Forced Air Furnaces Explained

We recently came accross this You Tube video about Forced Air Furnaces and how they work.  Check it out and learn a little about what makes your heater heat!

Solar Thermal a HOT topic at this year’s Home Show!

The 2015 AHBA Home Show is in the books!  It was great to get out and talk with people about their hopes and dreams for a new home or a better home.  It is apparent based on what I saw over this past weekend that folks are interested in reducing their energy dependence – either […]

KLEBS rolls out new vision and mission statement

We are very excited to announce our new vision and mission statement for the company, and it is representative of a totally new way of thinking that the leadership of the company has embraced. Many times a company is organized like a pyramid, with the management and ownership at the top and the employees and […]

Get Out and Vote

The Anchorage Mayoral runoff election day is nearly upon us.  Both candidates have been busy in the past few days with closing strategies and an attempt to gain the support of the voting public.  I am not going to write a blog about who to vote for.  But I am going to write about how […]

Smart Circulators add comfort, reduce cost

An exciting trend has been developing over the last several years in the HVAC industry, and it is having a direct impact on home comfort as well as life cycle cost for homeowner and building owners. Electronically Communicated Motors (ECM’s) are being used on many applications these days and the technology is ever expanding.  ECM’s […]